Evaluation Criteria for the Selection of SUV Exterior Parts

1. How to look at the key points of designing products? How can customers be satisfied?

A. See if the lighted products have sufficient protection measures, and whether the main line of the original line must be broken during assembly (if the lighted products are purchased, customers will be more willing to purchase products that have paid social security liability insurance)

B. Check whether the bar body is pre-embedded with the radar aperture distance, and it does not affect the application of the radar, and at the same time, it can be unique. General vehicles are equipped with steering radar (the design scheme that Highlander installs a reversing radar and needs to open a hole in the original car is really annoying). If the bumper is installed, it will be uncomfortable to endanger the application of the radar or be beautiful.

2. How to see if the material is high-end?

Professional car front bumpers are generally popular in European countries, which are firmly collided and have a high safety factor, but the net weight is not particularly in line with the Chinese aesthetic point of view, so plastic bumpers are more popular in China. Plastic bumper materials can be roughly divided into three categories:

A. ABS material, ABS material was used more in the early days of plastic guard bars. Because it is cost-effective and easy to produce and process, the guard bars made of this material will no longer have anti-skid function. Because they are too brittle, they can be easily bumped. It is very likely to fade or even break completely. Today, many manufacturers still use this material. The visualization of this type of material feels that the surface layer is relatively smooth and hard. At this stage, many manufacturers still use this type of material;

B. PU material, PU material has improved the anti-skid ability compared with ABS material, but the net weight is heavy. For economical and practical customers, the fuel consumption generated is a bit worrying. At this stage, some manufacturers also use this material.;

C. HPU material, the new plastic guard material, has gradually become popular in the current market since 2012. I heard that only one company in my country has grasped the production method of this material. The characteristics of the material Z are as follows: 1) The dermis layer is layered, and there is no need to spray; 2) The net weight is very light, about 2/3 of the PU material; 3) The quality is soft and ductile, and the anti-skid ability is extremely strong., even if it is scratched with other cars, it will not scratch other people's cars; 4) I heard that it also has an automatic repair effect on mild scratches, (I have not experienced this yet, because I do not plan to actively take it for the time being. Let him try it, if any expert tries it, come and share it); 5) The anti-aging ability is very strong

3. Look at the actual effect and fit of the specific loading

Excellent car decoration parts should be in perfect harmony with the original factory after being installed in the car, and there is no sense of burden, which can achieve the actual effect of improving the beauty and generosity of the original factory; at the same time, the fit with the original factory should be high. Therefore, when exporting foreign trade merchants do product descriptions and submit product pictures, it is best to attach loading design renderings to show the fit of the product, which will make customers more convinced.