Dust-free coating knowledge for automotive xenon lamp modification and refurbishment

Some necessary procedures need to be carried out when the car xenon lamp is retrofitted and refurbished. After these procedures, the benefits of the car xenon lamp retrofit and refurbishment can be better manifested. The next item that the editor will talk about when retrofitting and refurbishing car xenon lamps is dust-free coating.

Dust-free coating is the process of hardening the special varnish sprayed on the surface of the lampshade. The modification and renovation of xenon lamps mainly uses UV paint (for their own purposes, some people call it coating liquid, repair liquid, laser liquid, etc., in fact, it is a hardened varnish that uses ultraviolet rays for instant curing, and the general name is "UV paint"). If there is whitening, light cracking, peeling and other phenomena after spraying, it means that the UV paint you chose is no longer suitable for use, and you should replace another UV paint. After spraying and coating, there are often many small spots on the surface of the lampshade, which affect the perception. In fact, it is caused by countless dust trapped on the lamp surface. If you have the conditions to have a spray booth, then equip it with an electrostatic precipitator gun; if there is no spray booth, a simple one can be equipped with a set of filter dust collectors, which can achieve the effect of a spray booth.